Prohibition on lrpe, Culture Change, and the Apatanis in Arunachal Pradesh

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This thesis explores various social events and associated complex relations surrounding the event of prohibition on trpe among the Apatanis in Arunachal Pradesh. The main contribution of the thesis lies in the changing contours of the idea of development and modernization constitutive of modernity. The categorical imperative is to interrogate the idea of modernity itself. ln other words, the idea of modernity remains unsettled and contemporary researches continue to be engaged in this. This study is a contribution in the same direction as new methods of looking at the indigenous people, and studying their struggles and negotrations with modernity. Ethnography is critically embedded in the present study. The study on the Apatanis in their homeland of zio vatley attempts to grasp the underlying causes of culture change and its transition. The dynamic intenelations between the economic, cultural, political and psychological factors have important implications for the changing patterns of the Apatani lrfe, Developing the postcolonial and postmodern concepts of development, the thesis aims to move towards a new understanding of ,,modernity,, and break the chains of ""Western"" civilizatronal drscourse of studying community and/or knowledge' The field is where the theories are drawn from, The results have been drawn through an amalgamation of experiences shared by the respondents as well as the past research and theories surrounding the ideas of culture change, indigenous studies and the idea of modernity.
Supervisors: Mallick, Sambit and Kipgen, Ngamjahao
Tattooing, Tipe, Culture Change, Modernity, Modernization, Declolonization, Apatanis, Arunachal Pradesh