Process intensification of Methyl esters synthesis using castor seeds by reactive extraction technique

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Biodiesel is an alternative bio fuel for transportation which is renewable and environment friendly. Biodiesel can be produced from animal fat, vegetable oil (edible or non edible) or waste cooking oil. To avoid the food vs. fuel problem, non-edible oils can be the best way to use to produce the biodiesel and they are the focus of this thesis.The main objective of the PhD research is to check the feasibility of producing biodiesel (methyl ester) from castor seeds directly via reactive extraction technique. Before preceding the reactive extraction, the performance of seed pre-treatment on the oil yield and the suitability of possible extracting and reactive solvent for biodiesel production was also investigated. Further objective includes an investigation on engine performance, emulsification of prepared castor oil biodiesel in order to reduce the emission of pollutants. Further includes storage stability and biodegradability of castor oil biodiesel, the estimation of various properties of the castor oil biodiesel and emulsions.
Supervisor: Vaibhav V. Goud