Development and Characterization of Advanced FO Membranes using Exfoliated 2D Nanomaterials for Energy Generation and Separation Processes

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Water shortage has become a global problem due to the high human consumption, rapid industrialization and low availability of freshwater resources. Extensive efforts have been put forward by researchers to overcome the freshwater crisis by exploring new desalination techniques, and wastewater reuse without damaging the natural freshwater ecosystems. One such pivotal technology for purifying water was the membrane technology. Membrane technology is an emerging and advanced process that can provide a sustainable solution to desalination and wastewater treatment. Although pressure-driven membrane separation processes were used for producing freshwater, its high energy consumption prevent them from further employment. Hence, modification of existing membrane-based separation technology is required to overcome its demerits
Supervisors: Subbiah, Senthilmurugan and Raidongia, Kalyan
2D Nanomaterials, Forward Osmosis, Membranes, Crystallization, Nanofluidic