(A) Study on Aromatic Carboxylic Acids as Ligands and Receptors

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Coordination chemistry of metal carboxylates are of great interest due to its potential applications in material and biological chemistry. Supramolecular architecture of metal carboxylates can be directly constructed with metal ions in various coordination geometries in combination with multifunctional ligands. The directional and molecular recognition properties of carboxylic acids and its derivatives are controlled by supramolecular interaction like hydrogen bonding, D-D stacking, weak electrostatic interactions and van der Waals forces. The thesis deals with the synthesis, characterization and structural aspects of some first row transition metal carboxylates along with the study of molecular/anion recognition properties of carboxylic acid derivatives. Thus, the research work carried out is basically focused on the synthesis, characterization, and structural elucidation along with understanding of physical properties such as fluorescence emission. The structural features are investigated with an objective to understand the factors, which control the formation of basic carboxylate frameworks or secondary building block units. The content of the thesis is divided into six chapters which are described below....
Supervisor: Jubaraj B.Baruah