Experimental study and modeling of abrasive flow finishing process for nanofinishing of macro to micro features

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Finishing is the final operation performed in most of the manufacturing processes. Finishing operations costs as much as 15 % of the total manufacturing cost in a production cycle. In the finishing process, the main criterion is to achieve (minimal) better surface roughness. Surface roughness plays a vital role in deciding the overall functionality of the component during its life span. Smaller the component size more is the effect of surface roughness in determining its functioning. Traditional abrasive finishing processes are used to finish simple components geometries. However, advancement in technology necessitates the use of components made of difficult to finish materials having complex external and internal surface features. Due to the process limitations, traditional finishing processes cannot be used for finishing such components. To overcome the limitations of traditional finishing processes in meeting the modern manufacturing industries demands, several advanced finishing processes are developed by researchers.
Supervisor: Mamilla Ravi Sankar