Lewis and Brønsted Acid Mediated Synthesis of Nitrogen and Oxygen Heterocycles

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The contents of this thesis have been divided into five chapters based on the results of experimental work performed during the complete course of the research period. The chapter 1 of the thesis presents introduction to nitrogen and oxygen containing heterocyclic compounds, their biological significance and literature methods for their synthesis. Chapter 2 gives a description about Lewis acid mediated intramolecular C?C bond formation of alkyne-epoxide leading to six-membered nitrogen and oxygen heterocycles. Chapter 3 illustrates Lewis acid mediated intramolecular C-O bond formation of alkanol-epoxide leading to substituted morpholine and 1,4-oxazepane and its application towards the total synthesis of (±)-viloxazine. In chapter 4, synthesis of dihydroindeno[1,2-c]isochromene via cascade cyclization and FriedelCrafts reaction has been described. Chapter 5 presents Brønsted acid mediated synthesis of 4trifluoromethanesulfonate substituted 3,6-dihydropyrans and their application in various C-C coupling reactions.
Supervisor: Anil Kr. Saikia