(The) Rich Legacy of Isothiocyanates and Arene Diazonium Salts in Metal-Free Cascade Reactions

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The contents of this thesis have been divided into four chapters based on the experimental works performed and results obtained during the course of research period. The introductory chapter of the thesis represents a summary of isothiocyanates and aryl diazonium salts as a precursor in metal-free organic synthesis. For simplicity and brevity, Chapter I is divided into two parts. Chapter IA includes an overview of metal-free cascade strategies for the construction of C−C, C− C−O and C−S bonds using isothiocyanates. The subsections of Chapter IA are based on the mode of reactivity of aroyl isothiocyanates. Whereas, Chapter IB deals with the different aspects of arenediazonium salts in construction of C−C, C−heteroatom bonds and heterocycles via traditional and modern approaches.
Supervisor: Patel, Bhisma K
Metal-Free, Cascade Reactions, Aroyl Isothiocyanate, Isocyanide