Mathematical study of controlled release drug delivery to biological tissues

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Studies on controlled drug release and drug transport are important in the realm of pharmacokinetics for the development of medical treatment. Pharmacotherapy using medicines differs considerably from many other classical therapies involving surgery, radiation or other invasive methods. The appropriate use of pharmacotherapy through drugs / vaccines in the treatment largely helps the prevention and sometimes eradication of fatal diseases. The drug delivery system helps controlling the therapeutic effect of the drug as it can influence the pharmacokinetic profile of the drug, drug release rate, target regions, duration of drug action and consequently the toxicity including side effects as well. Controlled drug release involves drug encapsulating devices from which drug or therapeutic compounds may be released at controlled rates for prolonged span of time. Mathematical models and simulations appear to have their importance in the design of drug delivery systems for an effective drug release and drug bioavailability. Thus, the use of mathematical modelling, by and large, helps the conventional and novel drug delivery systems to be much more therapeutically efficient for improved patient compliance.
Supervisor: Durga Charan Dalal