Experimental Studies on Pore Scale Multiphase Flow in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Micromodels Using Micro-PIV

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Micromodels are useful tool to study the fluid flow behavior in porous media at micron scale that is relevant to the many fields like petroleum recovery. During the last 30 years, micromodels have found to be the most precious tool, which allow the observation of fluid flow and transport at the micron scale in many processes related to chemical, biological, and physical fields of engineering. Micro-fluidic devices have been designed and used to investigate immiscible fluid-fluid displacement processes. Due to their optically transparent nature, such devices allow direct visualization of pore scale events using light microscopy. In this thesis, we focus on imaging multiphase flow phenomena at the pore scale within specifically designed micro-models using optical microscopy.
Supervisors: Saha, Ujjwal K and Singh, Anugrah
Porous Media, Fabrication, Fracture, Micro-PIV, Single-Phase Flow, Micromodel, Two-Phase Flow