Design and Synthesis of Fluorescent Unnatural Triazolyl Amino Acids and Constraints Molecular Scaffold and their Application in Peptidomimetics

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In chapter I, describe the applications of unnatural amino acids and conformationally constrained small molecule scaffold: a review chapter. In chapter II, We report herein the design and synthesis of microenvironment sensitive fluorescent triazolyl unnatural amino acids (UNAA) decorated with donor and/or acceptor aromatic chromophores via click chemistry. The synthesized fluorescent amino acids show interesting solvatochromic characteristic and/or intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) feature as is revealed from the UV–visible, fluorescence photophysical properties and DFT/TDDFT calculation. HOMO–LUMO distribution shows that the emissive states of some of the amino acids are characterized with more significant electron redistribution between the triazolyl moiety and the aromatic chromophores linked to it leading to modulated emission property. In chapter III, The -turn conformation and FRET process were established in the designed tripeptide containing fluorescent triazolyl donor and acceptordecorated unnatural amino acids separated by a natural alanine.
Supervisor: Subhendu Sekhar Bag