Applications of phosphonium- and sulfonium bromide & silica supported perchloric acid for developing new synthetic methodologies

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This dissertation describes the successful efforts on the development of new synthetic methodologies in protection-deprotection chemistry as well as α- bromination of β-ketoesters and 1,3-diketones employing mainly three versatile reagents acetonyltriphenylphosphonium bromide (ATPB), bromodimethylsulfonium bromide (BDMS) and silica supported perchloric acid. The thesis mainly contains three chapters. Each chapter is divided into two parts viz. Part I and Part II. Part I describes a general review on the usefulness of that particular reagent in various organic transformations and a brief literature survey from the year 1990 to till to date for dealing with that particular transformation investigated. Part II of the each chapter is subdivided into two sections : Section A and Section B which will describe an account of work carried out by the candidate. Chapter I, Part I describes a brief literature review on the application of acetonyltriphenylphosphonium bromide (ATPB) in various organic transformations and a brief survey on desilylation and acetylation.
Supervisor: A.T Khan