Critical reflection on environmental pragmatism

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Environmental ethical discussion has been taken by various thinkers. Environmental ethical discussions have been emerging out from various perspectives including biocentric, ecocentric etc. All these ideas are divided under two broad groups-anthropocentrism and nonanthropocentrism. With the value perspective, people think of value regarding environment and the nature in different ways, such as intrinsic and extrinsic value. Some philosophers insist on the monistic view by exhibiting intrinsic value of nature in their writings. Some other philosophers think that value can be emerged out with the due course of human experiences with the environmental things. This again leads to a value pluralism position. The environmental pragmatism tries to see the environment and its conflict in an evolutionary and dynamic way, rather than a static one. Thus it leads to a consensus building position among various environmental ideologies to make the environment healthy, stability and sustainability one. But it is not easy to make a practicality of making consensus among various groups.. So, this environmental pragmatism meets traits from the monistic value. Various perspectives may vary the policy implication in the environment. It can be assumed that in the praxis level, all such various environmental ideologies must come up to a consensus or a convergence to each other to make the environment safe and healthy. Thus, environmental pragmatism tries to see the human experiences with the nature in a pragmatic way to solve the human –environment conflict in a mutual and better way.
Supervisor: Prabhu Venkataraman