Hydrodynamic Study of a Sidewall Nozzle Assisted Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed

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The progress of new chemical technologies is moving faster in the design of the unconventional reactor system to upgrade the oid technologies and to solve new tasks. There are several tasks that need to be addressed for enhancement of the selectivity of the product in a distributed feeding of reactants along with the reactor height. One of such reaction is, thermal denitration of ammonium di-uranate (ADU), which thermally decompose the ammonium nitrate into nitrogen and water vapor. The reaction is carried out in a filuidized bed maintained at 350 °C. In this reactor, the side streams of ADU (reactants) are injected at higher velocity through multiple pneumatic nozzles. At the surtace of the hot solid ammonium nitrate decomposes into nitrogen and water vapor. It is observed that fraction of ammonium nitrate bypasses the reactor without any decomposition. This affect the performance of the reactor and overall process. The extent of bypassing depends on nozzle diameter, flowrate, nozzle configuration, solid flow feld and solid distribution. Therefore, it is vital to study the effect of above mentioned parameters on the behavior of sidewall nozzle injected fluidized bed reactor.
Supervisors: Tiwari, Pankaj and Upadhyay, Rajesh K
Horizontal Jet Injection, Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed, Radioactive Particle Tracking, Computational Fluid Dynamics