Tetrabutylammonium tribromide in organic synthesis & N-Acylation in aqueous medium

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The contents of this thesis have been divided into two chapters summarising the results based on the experimental works performed during the complete course of the research. Each chapter constitutes four sections, sections A-D describing introduction, present work, experimental work and spectral data respectively. Tetrabutylammonium tribromide (TBATB) in organic synthesis is the theme of chapter 1 in which various synthetically useful organic functional group transformations such as thioacetalisation, transthioacetalisation of carbonyl compounds, tetrahydropyranylation and depyranlation, acylation of alcohols and direct condensation of carboxylic acids with alcohols achieved utilising the in situ acidity of TBATB has been described. With the endeavour to understand the chemoselectivity in thioacetalisation, a brief theoretical study has been performed and described in chapter 1. The second chapter of this dissertation elucidates the results pertaining to N-acylation of amines in water serving as the reaction medium.
Supervisor: Bhisma K. Patel