Construction of C-C, C-N and C-O Bonds on sp2 / sp3 Carbon via Radical Pathway

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The contents of this thesis have been divided into five chapters based on the results of experimental works performed during the complete course of the research period. The introductory chapter of the thesis presents an overview of the construction of CC, and CX (CCO) bonds via the intermediacy of radicals. All the other chapters emphasize on CC, Cand CO bond formations on sp2 / sp3 carbon via a radical pathway involving oxidizing agents. These bond formations (CC, Cand CO) have been achieved via metal-free or metal-catalyzed radical addition and radical substitution. Chapter II describes the copper-catalyzed differential peroxidation of the terminal and internal alkenes using tertiary butyl hydroperoxide. Chapter III demonstrates tert-butyl nitrite mediated differential functionalizations of internal alkenes as paths to furoxans and nitroalkenes. Chapter IV illustrates the tert-butyl nitrite mediated nitro-nitratosation of internal alkenes. Chapter V deals with iron (III)-catalyzed peroxide-mediated C-3 functionalizations of flavones. Each of these chapters comprises of seven subsections which include introduction, literature reports, present work, experimental section, references, spectral data and some selected spectra.
Supervisor: Bhisma Kumar Patel