Flow and conjugate heat transfer study of wall bounded laminar plane jet flows

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Depending upon the distance of the confining boundaries from the discharge, a jet can be analysed as a free jet or a bounded one. If the boundaries (parallel to inlet axis) are sufficiently away from the origin of the jet, the flow is termed as a free jet. However, a bounded jet will occur when it interacts with a parallel wall. Bounded jet flows occur in many engineering applications such as environmental discharges, heat exchanges fluid injection systems, cooling of combustion chamber wall in a gas turbine, automobile demister and others. Bounded jets can be classified into three types: (a) impinging jet aimed toward the boundary; (b) wall jet while fluid is discharged at the boundary; and (c) offset jet from a vertical wall of a stagnant pool issuing parallel to a horizontal solid wall. The present work is aimed to understand the flow and conjugate heat transfer characteristics of wall bounded laminar jet flows. The study is carried out for plane wall jet flow and offset jet flow. Another study covered is plane wall jet flow over backward facing step.
Supervisor: Manab Kumar Das