Supramolecular chemistry and reactivity of quinoline derivatives

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This thesis deals with the studies on synthesis, characterization, supramolecular chemistry, and reactivity of a few quinoline derivatves. The content of the thesis is divided into six chapters. A general introduction to quinoline and quinoline derivative is brought forward in the first chapter. This includes a brief discussion on their synthesis, structural features and reactivity. The catalytic activity of metal complexes of quinoline derivatives and pharmaceutical application of quinoline derivatives are also discussed . This chapter also features discussions on several quinoline based supramolecular architectures and their inclusion compounds. Fluorescence sensing of p H by quinoline based receptors is included in this chapter. Further, various coordination polymers of quinoline ligands is included. Finally, a brief discussion on the scope of the thesis work is included. The second chapter of the thesis deals with the synthesis, characterization and the anion recognition properties of few quinoline derivatives. The sybthesis, chracterisation of a numer of amide and ester derivatives of quinoline and their anion recognition properties in solution as well as in solid state are presented in this chapter.
Supervisor: Jubaraj B. Baruah