Studies Towards C-C and C-N Bond Formation using Strained Rings: A Probe for Heterocycle Formation

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The thesis is organized into four chapters. The initial chapter delineates a tandem C–N bond formation for the oxidative annulation of indolines with aziridines, utilizing a combination of DDQ and NaOCl under ambient conditions. The second chapter addresses the annulative coupling of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes with cyclic secondary amines, employing Ni(OTf)2 and visible light-assisted eosin Y catalysis for tandem C–N and C–C bond formation. The third chapter focuses on the coupling of cyclic secondary amines with donor-acceptor cyclopropanes using MgI2 and Mn(OAc)3•2H2O, leading to the synthesis of fused indolizine derivatives. The fourth chapter showcases an efficient annulation of in situ formed azaoxyallyl cations with diaziridines, yielding 1,2,4-triazines at room temperature.
Supervisor: Punniyamurthy, T