Removal and Recovery of Surfactants by Foam Fractionation

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Surfactants are used in many industries, and they are integrally related to many consumer products. However, at the same time, they contaminate water. The environmental fate of the surfactants is considerably important due to their effects on the health of human beings and animals. They are of interest because of their increasingly ubiquitous domestic and industrial use, and the difficulty in removing them by the traditional treatment methods. The removal of of different types of surfactant by foam fractionation has been practiced for water/wastewater treatment. This process and its applications in water/wastewater treatment have been discussed in the Chapter 1 of this thesis. Chapter 2 of this thesis focuses on the materials and experimental methods
Supervisor: Ghosh, Pallab
Adsorption, Foam Fractionation, Surfactant Recovery, Wastewater Treatment