Drying of granular materials in rotating fluidized bed in a static geometry (RFB-SG)

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Scarcity of food and imbalance in production and consumption of the same are major problems in the world. This problem can be solved to a large extent by reducing the food loss which occurs due to the lack of suitable and economic technology in developing countries. Food preservation is the only way to reduce food loss. Drying is identified to be one of the postharvest technologies to reduce losses of food and improvement of quality as well. Drying is one of the most energy intensive unit operations in post-harvest processing. The purpose of reducing the moisture content is to prolong the shelf-life of the products of bio-origin by reducing the moisture activity to a level low enough where growth of microorganisms, enzymatic reactions, and other deteriorative reactions are inhibited. Some products of bio-origin such as herbs have to be dried before the active ingredients can be extracted. Furthermore, the products in the dry form losses weight and volume are reducing transportation costs.
Supervisor: Pinakeswar Mahanta