Redox reactions of NOx (x = 1, 2) with first row transition metal complexes

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In this thesis, redox reactions of NOx (x=1, 2) assisted by transition metal complexes are presented. The thesis originates from the interest to mimic the various reactivity of NOx in biological system. The first chapter of the thesis presents some recent literature reports for the properties and reactivity of nitrosyl complexes of first row transition metal complexes. In addition to that the oxo transfer reactivity of metal coordinated nitrite ligand, which is attracting an enormous interest in recent years are briefly discussed. Chapter 2 proposes the first example of oxo transfer reactivity with a Cu(II)-nitrito complex towards NO2. Oxo transfer from free NO2 to the nitrito complex leads to the formation of the corresponding Cu(II)-nitrate complex with concomitant release of NO. Oxo transfer reactivity of cobalt(III)-nitro complexes with tetradentate and pentadentate ligands are discussed in chapter 3. Differences in reactivity for the complexes, where nitro complexes with tertradentate schif’s base ligands are found to be active towards oxo transfer reactivity unlike the pentadentate ligand counterparts. These results are in good agreement with the previously reported cases for the nitro porphyrin cobalt complexes.
Supervisor: Biplab Mondal