Numerical Simulation Of Particle Migration Of Concentrated Suspension in Symmetric Bifurcation Channels

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Suspensions of solid rigid particles in viscous fluids are commonly encountered in many industries, biological processes, natural settings, and in several daily life products such as cosmetics, food stuffs. In many of these applications the goal can be to generate uniform distribution of suspended particle in the finished product. Thus, the knowledge and understanding of their flow behavior is very important and this has motivated numerous theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies. The modeling of concentrated suspensions is a challenging task due to multi body interactions. Experimental characterization of these suspensions is also difficult because several complex phenomena such as wall slip and shearinduced migration can take place during their flow. Shear induced particle migration leads to inhomogeneities in particle concentration and generates segregation in poly-disperse systems. This has been observed in many flows and leads to problems in many industrial processes. Shearinduced particle migration in simple and unidirectional geometries like straight channels and tubes have received wide attention but studies in complex geometries and channels with bifurcations are very few.
Supervisor: Anugrah Singh