Inclusive education,self determination and motivation: A proposed intervention strategy for students with learning disabilities/ difficulties

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Learning Disability (LD) being a condition which affects the whole person, this thesis explored the social, emotional and motivational issues of students with LD. The thesis has been divided into two empirical studies. The first study investigated the impact of inclusive education on students with LD with regard to their peer relationships and other self-related variables such as academic motivation, academic self-efficacy and well-being. Inclusive education in India is a recent area of development and the evaluation of its impact on socio-emotional functioning of the students with LD is of utmost necessity. It is believed to foster greater acceptance of children with disability by their peers. Thus, this study looked into this aspect by investigating the impact on peer relationships. Three groups of students were compared to assess the impact of inclusive education on peer relationships, that is, students with LD studying in special schools, students with LD studying in inclusive schools and students without LD studying in inclusive schools. The sub-variables considered to study peer relationships were: total number of friends, number of friends in school, number of friends outside school, number of friends of the same age, number of older friends, number of younger friends and friendship quality.
Supervisor: Dilwar Hussain