Organizational Learning and Leadership: Moderating effect of organizational culture

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The present research attempted to answer the following research questions (1) What are the differences in organizational learning processes across organizations? (2) What are the different leadership styles or combination of leadership styles that facilitate organizational learning? (3) What is the impact of top management leadership style on organizational learning? (4) Which kind of culture promotes learning that is beneficial to the organization? (5) What is the role of strategies in the effective implementation of organizational learning process in an organization? (6) What is the impact of all these factors on the performance of the organization? In order to answer above-mentioned research questions, three studies were conducted. Study 1 and Study 2A were quantitative studies while Study 2B was a qualitative study. Study 2B was conducted to augment the results of Study 1 and Study 2A. It was found from the results of the three studies that (1) there were differences in the organizational learning processes across different organizations, (2) there was positive relationship between leadership (Transformational and Transactional leadership) and organizational learning, (3) this relationship was moderated by organizational culture as well as business strategy, and (4) all these factors have positive effect on the performance of the organization. The results of Study 2B also supported the findings of the two quantitative studies. This research work highlights the crucial role that different styles or combination of the different styles of leadership plays in creating a conducive culture which will foster organizational learning. Top management of organizations should have the knack to understand the need of the hour and the situation and try to use the different leadership style...
Supervisor: N Tripathi