Development of biomass-derived surface-modified carbon and polymer-based adsorbents for adsorptive elimination of organic and inorganic pollutants from aqueous setups

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The present era of industrialization and anthropogenic exploitation has depleted the natural resources and polluted the related ecosystems and habitats. Various biotic and abiotic methods have been exploited over the years, yet we are far from any prominent solution. Adsorption is one such competent method due to its ease of operation, effectivity in dilute systems, economic scalability and non-formation of any toxic by-products. Although adsorption is versatile and easy to adopt in practical forms, the adsorbent materials used are costly and cannot be easily regenerated and recycled, resulting in their large-scale production; thus, limiting its acceptance as an ideal wastewater remediation process. There is an urge to mitigate the problems related to bio- remediation/adsorption of industrial wastes via designing cheap, reusable, environment friendly and above all, highly efficient adsorbents.
Supervisor: Narayanaswamy, Selveraju
Biomass-derived Carbon, Surface-modification, Porous chitosan, Organic/inorganic Pollutants, Adsorption