Development of functionalized metal-organic frameworks for gas storage and fluorescence sensing applications

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So far, a large number of MOFs have shown application potentials in gas (H2, CO2, CH4, CO, etc.) storage and fluorescence sensing of a wide variety of analytes (cations, anions, biomolecules, small molecules, volatile organic compounds, nitro explosive materials, etc.). Functionalization of MOFs has been performed by using pre-functionalized ligands during the synthesis or by using the post-synthetic modification approach. The functional groups introduced in either strategy have been demonstrated to affect the physicochemical stability (air, water, acid-base, heat, etc.) as well as gas storage and separation properties of the resulting MOFs. The attached functional groups can act as interaction sites for specific gas molecules (during gas adsorption) and analytes (during fluorescence sensing), thus increasing the selectivity of the MOF material towards the target gas or analyte. In this thesis, the synthesis, characterization, gas storage and fluorescence sensing behavior of new MOFs possessing different functional groups are presented. The synthesis of air- and moisture-stable MOFs bearing desired functional groups is still a key challenge.
Supervisor: Shyam P. Biswas