Membrane Based Separation of Oily Wastewater, Coal-solvent Mixture and Fruit Juice

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The work reported in this thesis can broadly be classified into three distinct studies. In the first study, treatment of industrial oily wastewater for onshore oil production supplied by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) Eastern region, Nazira, Assam, India is done by cross flow filtration cell. Membrane performance and permeate quality are compared at laminar and turbulent flow regime with variation of transmembrane pressure drops. Different diffusion models are assumed to predict the theoretical flux and compared with experimental flux values. In the second study, a membrane based technology for recovery of organic solvent from coal-solvent mixture is developed. Membrane performance is analysed in terms of transient flux decline. The dose of solvent/coal (v/w) is optimized to achieve maximum solvent recovery (%). Recovered organic solvent is again reused for improvement of coal properties in subsequent extraction stages. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis of permeate, coal and organic solvent are done to confirm the absence of coal in permeate. A low cost ceramic membrane is developed from steel industry waste iron ore slime (IOS) and is applied to recover of organic solvent from coal-solvent mixture. Prepared membranes are sintered at three different temperatures (700, 800 and 900जC) and are characterized. Two different coals, such as, sub-bituminous coal (A) and bituminous coal (B) are used for extraction purpose.
Supervisor: Chandan Das