(An) Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

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Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is the foundation for ensuring wider acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs). Governments and organisations worldwide are working on policies for deeper penetration of EVs in the transportation sector. The infrastructure comprises various stakeholder who communicates with each other. The communication ensures an optimal operation of each entity in the infrastructure, meeting the requirements of all the stakeholders. Although the present electricity infrastructure is able to support the charging of EVs, there are challenges of integrating bidirectional power flow between EVs and electric grid, developing appropriate communication infrastructure and support systems, motivating users to perform coordinated charging, and options to utilise EVs for ancillary services. Apart from the challenges in the electric grid, the requirement of fast charge with constrained battery degradation is another major challenge to persuade user acceptance. Henceforth, the work presented in the thesis proposes controllers, algorithms, estimation procedures, and techniques to develop an intelligent infrastructure that can perform coordinated charging with the least disturbances in the electric grid and meet the requirement of fast charge with constrained degradation at the user end.
Supervisor: Kumar, Praveen
Electric Vehicles, Charging Techniques, V2G, Fuzzy Logic, ANN, Intelligent Controller, Electrochemical Degradation, Capacity Fading