Development of fluorescent sensors for reactive nitrogen species like nitri c oxide and nitrite ion

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Oxidative and nitrosative stress induced by RNS pla y crucial roles in a wide range of physiological processes and are also implicated in various diseas es, including cancer and neurodegenerative disorder s. Sensitive and selective methods for the detection o f RNS based on fluorescent and luminescent probes a re of great use in monitoring the in vivo production o f these species and elucidating their biological functions. There are several requirements for fluor escent NO sensors to be useful in biology. Probes should be nontoxic and afford direct, fast, reversi ble, specific and selective NO detection. On the ot her hand the nitrite ion (NO 2 - ), an inorganic contaminant, is found in drinking w ater and is a threat to human health. When present in high concentration in human blood, it can oxidize hemoglobin and myoglobin to methemoglobin and metmyoglobin, re spectively. Upon interaction with protein, it leads to the formation of carcinogenic N-nitrosoamines. Thus, a selective probe to detect NO 2 - ion would be important from various angles. So my thesis mainly focused on the design of fluorescent sensors for reactive nitrogen specie s like nitric oxide and nitrite ion. We have also synthesized Copper(II) complexes of N and O donor l igands and studied their Nitric Oxide (NO) reactivity.
Supervisor: Biplab Mondal