Investigation on Multi-dynamic Radar System: A concept for Airborne Surveillance Application

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During the last few decades, Stealth technology has proven to be one of the most effective approaches to hiding the target from radar systems. The basic concept of low observable is mainly the reduction of Radar Cross Section (RCS) in direction of the receiver. So, for detecting such targets, concepts of bistatic and multi-static radar attracted substantial attention. However more challenges lie when radar platforms are mobile or airborne. The geometrical structures are studied with different spacing of radars, it is one of the parameters for Bi-static Radar (Baseline distance between transmitter and receiver) to extend the detection coverage over the mono-static radar. The simulation is also made to extend further for multi-dynamic scenarios. Transmitted waveform identification is very important to know the info about the waveform to processing the returned signal accordingly. The simulation is made for transmitter identity based on augmented BPSK/BASK based waveform ID tailored with standard LFM. However, another way of Transmitter ID info is simulated using IFF Mode-S waveform so that IFF waveform can be utilized for waveform ID of the radar.
Supervisors: Bhattacharjee, Ratnajit and Christopher, S