Science-Policy Interface to Mitigate Water Scarcity in India : An Assessment of Virtual Water Flows

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Freshwater resources are essential for functioning of the economy, environment and society. From the perspective of sustainable development, the economy is considered as a subset of the environment. Therefore, freshwater resources act as both the source to, and the sink of the economy. Water security integrates the role of freshwater resources as a source as well as the sink of economy, through emphasis on ‘sustainable use’ of freshwater. Sustainable use of freshwater resources necessitates strengthening of science-policy interface to bridge the knowledge-governance gap in translating scientific knowledge into policy actions. Virtual water (VW), which is an indicator of freshwater embodied in goods and services, was developed to induce and enhance sustainable use of freshwater resources in water-scarce regions of the world. VW-flows concept is at the science-policy interface. This is because it is based on the rationales of ‘distribution of water scarcity’ among regions with different water endowments, enhancing ‘global water use efficiency’ and ‘net water savings’.
Supervisor: Anamika Barua