(A) Philosophical Exploration of the Goddess as Role Model for Women with Special Reference to The Great Goddess and Her Various Representations in the Text and Some of its Contexts

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The present research work examines some of the various representations of women seen through the lens of Vedic literature, mythology, and even contemporary writings in this significant research area. This background literature has helped immensely to reflect the current scenario and the changing status of women in the present period up to the modern day and the roles women have to play as per society’s requirements and their ability to adapt. It attempts to systematically study different role models that women are expected to play within social setups in Indian Hindu society. It addresses matters faced by different women who keep looking for role model in these chronological phases from goddess till modern woman Until modern social upgradation can harmoniously blend tradition with modernity. Generally, Hindu scriptures and mythology are full of gods and goddesses who are held in high esteem to be suitable as role models. Such divine role models are usually mythological figures from whom others can acquire divine virtues and imbibe some such virtues in them; then, an ordinary individual in life can be socially accepted also as goddess-like. One thus tries to establish a connection between the divine and the human in a very natural way. Thus, it is expected that every one of us can transform our lifestyle. These possible role variations need to be awakened so that our inner qualities can be brought into action by adopting the attributes of the role models
Supervisor: Archana Barua