New approaches towards the synthesis of oxygen heterocyclic compounds

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The Ph.D thesis work entitled ‘New Appoaches Towards the Synthesis of Oxygen Heterocyclic Compounds’ describes some original and interesting research work. The dissertation is organized into four chapters. The thesis work is designed for exploration of Synthesis of Isochroman Derivatives via Oxa-Pictet-Spengler Reaction of Acrylyl Enol Ethers: Formal Synthesis of (+)–Sonepiprazole (U-101387) and (+) U-54537. Stereoselective Synthesis of 4-O-Tosyltetrahydropyrans via Prins Cyclization reaction. Regioselective synthesis of substituted 3,6-dihydropyran from 3-butene-1-ol and aldehydes via Prins cyclization reaction mediated by TfOH (Triflic acid). All these compounds were characterized by spectroscopic techniques and HRMS. In addition, the structures of some of the synthesized compounds were confirmed through single crystal XRD. Out of these works incorporated in the thesis, one research works is already published in an international journals and another one work is under communication and the remaining one more work will be communicated soon for publication.
Supervisor: Anil Kumar Saikia