Reaction kinetics for mechanistic elucidations of non-heme mononuclear enzymomimetic model systems

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Metalloenzymes are known to play pivotal role in catalyzing a plethora of biological and biochemical reactions. These transformations are directed by a variety of high valent reactive intermediates that undergo crucial redox reactions by atom transfer or electron transfer or radical reaction pathways. These high valent reactive intermediates of non-heme model systems are being studied for quite some time and are known to be influenced by factors like coordination motifs and topology, ligand architecture, pH, spin states of metal ions, solvation and temperature. However, designing efficient synthetic biomimetic catalysts remains a major challenge due to the unattainability of physiological conditions. The stability and reactivity of these metastable intermediates are hugely affected by simple modifications in the ligand backbone. The factors that govern the reactivity profiles are often associated with the mechanistic pathways followed. Hence in order to have a clear idea, it is important to dig deep into the mechanistic details of the reactions performed by these model systems.
Supervisor: Chivukula Vasudeva Sastri