Influence Strategies and Gender Differences

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In the present work an attempt has been made to investigate gender differences in the selection of influence strategies by the managers. Previous findings indicate that there is a difference in the use of influence strategies by the male and female managers. However, two sets of explanations have been offered to explain these differences, namely, social-role model and structural model. Since the findings in this area were not conclusive and there were several unanswered questions, the present study was undertaken by the scholar. In order to answer specific research questions in this area three sets of studies were conducted. In the first study, which was an experimental study, results were mixed and it indicated that there could be a possibility of social-role model playing a role. However, in the later studies there was no significant effect of gender on any of the dependent variables. Therefore, it was concluded that due to changes in the work place and changes in the societal norms over a period of time, stereotypical gender role expectations are getting diminished day by day. These results have been explained in the light of previous findings and this work makes a contribution in the area of knowledge..
Supervisor: Nachiketa Tripathy